why we do it

We want to enable everyone (this includes you, your eighty-year old grandma and your Tinder/Bumble/Hinge date from last week) to make the switch to more convenience, more sustainability and more taste. Hence, every product we offer – today and tomorrow – only contains natural ingredients and comes wrapped in environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Born and raised in Berlin, Blue Farm is on a humble (!) mission to do better. For the simple reason that our environment deserves better. That you deserve better. And we figured the best way to start our mission is by challenging the ultimate household staple: milk.

Well, actually it all started with Phil’s love for coffee (cappuccino, to be exact). Love might not even be the right word… Obsession? Either way –– fact remains that Phil often took one too many cups per day, which in turn implied a serious stash of tetra pack waste at the end of the week. Determined to do better, he started making his own mylk. And a couple of exploding blenders / food processors and some frustration later, that resulted in the classic lightbulb moment: mylk is nothing more and nothing less than a plant extract enriched with water. 

And here’s another lightbulb moment! By focusing on just the plant extract, or base if you will, a world of opportunities opens up. Think less packaging waste, less transport emissions, more convenience and above all: more taste. 

We believe in less harm and more farm. And hopefully you do so, too.

– From oats, with love.